Karta Skatås - Kåsjön

Skatås - Kåsjön

The first distance from Göteborg to Skatås.

Karta Kåsjön - Härkeshult

Kåsjön - Härkeshult

The second distance from Kåsjön to Härkeshult.

Karta Härkeshult - Härskogen

Härkeshult - Härskogen

The third distance from Härkeshult to Härskogen.

Karta Härskogen - Hindås

Härskogen - Hindås

The fourth distance from Härskogen to Hindås.

“The New Vildmarksled” will be 42 km long when it’s ready, that is Marathon length. Check the maps where the new sections are marked yellow. Notice that there are big changes at Härskogen! Every section is approximately 10 km long (between 9 and 12 km). At a pace of 5 km per hour every section will take between 1 hour and 50 min to 2 hours and 20 min. Total walking time will be a bit over 8 hours.

Public transport:

  • Skatås: Tram no 5 to Torp, stop Welandergatan. Walk 800 metres to the start of Vildmarksleden at Skatås. Distance to Hindås approximately 42 km
  • Kåsjön: Bus from Landvetter Resecentrum towards Partille to the stop Kåsjön. Vildmarksleden crosses the road at the bathing place. There is a parking place here. Approximately 10 km to Skatås, 32 km to Hindås.
  • Härkeshult: Bus to Landvetter Resecentrum, walk 5 km on Härkeshultsvägen, at Härkeshult Vildmarksleden crosses the road. Approximately 19 km to Skatås, 23 km to Hindås
  • Härryda samhälle: From Landvetter Resecentrum, bus 611 to bus stop Härryda kyrka. Walk to Härsjödammsvägen 3 km towards Härsjödamm, Vildmarksleden crosses the road before Stora Härsjön. Approximately  26 km to Skatås, 16 km to Hindås.
  • Härryda Härskogen: Connecting  tracks from Floda and Lerum. Vildmarksleden crosses between the lighted trails. Approximately 30 km to Skatås, 12 km to Hindås.
  • Härryda Rya: From Landvetter Resecentrum, bus 611 to:
    • Alternative 1: Bus stop Rya, after that a gravel road towards Gransjöås, after approximately  800 m turn right towards  Högäset. After approximately 2 km you reach Dala såg, where Vildmarksleden crosses the road. Approximately  35 km to Skatås, 7 km to Hindås
    • Alternative 2: Bus stop  Dalavägen, follow Dalavägen to Dala såg,  where Vildmarksleden crosses the road. Approximately 35 km to Skatås, 7 km to Hindås.

Bus/train time tables look at reseplaneraren.