When did Vidmarksleden start and who where involved?
If you have any information about which year it started, any names of people involved, we would like to get in contact with you. Send an e-mail or phone Mette at 0708 30 31 50.

Allan Alfredsson (fishmonger?) was one of the iniators. Read more http://delsjoomradet.se/torpen/bengtstorpet/ where it says:

Probably one of the first efforts to have a café in The Delsjö area. It started in 1915 and it was open until 1944. The croft being strategically situated by one of the few roads to Delsjön, was good for business.
The guests hade to drink their coffee outdoors, but in the winter they used the little cottage as a café.
Allan’s older sister Signe was the driving force and found new ways of extending the business.
Allan had a side line business. He hired out skies for one crown per pair. Already at this early stage Allan showed a great interest in outdoor- and sport activities. Something, that later on, made him take part in the work of laying out Vildmarksleden, which runs between Härskogen and Skatås, not far from Bengtstorpet.